Metal Roofing

Tri-State Components creates metal panels as well as the trim required to meet the needs of your project.

The two options offered when it comes to sheet metal are the “master rib” and “standing seam.” The master rib and standing seam sheet metal offer a limited warranty on the paint from the paint manufacturer.

Master Rib

The master rib is 29 gauge metal sheets which are roll formed to 36 inches wide and can be cut to the desired length of the customer. There are up to 18 color options to choose from. Master rib is attached using ZXL screws which are an excellent choice for long life metal panels. The molded, zinc aluminum screw provides a lifetime protection against red rust on the head and washer. The sharp point has a pronounced lead thread to create consistent drilling into the metal panels. See available colors.

Standing Seam

The standing seam is roll formed at 12 to 24 inches wide and can also be cut to the desired length. Standing seam comes in 24 gauge and has up to 33 different color options. Pricing and availability may vary depending on the color. This metal roofing system has no exposed fasteners which make for a sleek and professional look.

There is an assortment of accessories that can be added to enhance the performance of your metal roof and siding which include but are not limited to ice guards, closure, insulation, and color matched caulking. See available colors.

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