Truss Design & Assembly

Virtually all truss manufacturers today use truss plates and there are a lot of them on the market. Buffalo Barns uses only the very best, made by Mitek and all of our wood trusses are manufactured from Southern Yellow Pine. During the fabrication process moisture content remains between 7% – 19%.

Our knowledgeable staff take a lot of factors into consideration when designing your truss: accurate dimensions, symmetry, bearing conditions and web configuration are just a few.

As a customer you’ll appreciate our competitive pricing, experienced designers, in-house engineer and customer service staff that go the extra mile.

Buffalo Barns uses state-of-the-art, PC-based programming to design and pre-test a truss before it is assembled.

Load and weather conditions (wind, snow etc.) for a potential site are calculated and compensated for on the drawing table, not at the jobsite.

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